Factors to Consider When Choosing Samurai Swords

by Charles S.
Samurai Swords

Samurai swords have existed for thousands of years. It is popularly known for its elegant and gallant shape.

These samurai swords are one of the few popular swords in the world. A lot of people collect these swords to represent the spirit of the Samurai. Others collect it for its aesthetics and decoration.

In Ancient Japan, samurai swords represented a form of social status. It was for men of noble regard. There are different types of samurai swords, depending on their size and length- katana, wakizashi, and tanto.

If you have been enchanted by the history and elegance of the samurai sword and want to get one for yourself, there are some things you must consider. High-quality samurai swords can last for generations, but there are so many of them.

It becomes very hard to choose, especially as a beginner:

  • Type of sword

Before you go to buy any sword, you should ask yourself what type of sword you want. Going to buy one cluelessly will lead to disaster.

The most popular one is the Japanese Katana because it was widely used by the feudal and ancient Japanese people. You can identify this sword by looking out for a single-edge, curved blade. It has a long grip.

You can also get a Japanese Wakizashi. These are relatively popular and smaller than the katana. Some soldiers in ancient times combine both and is called “daisho”.

  • Length of the blade

This is a very important feature to look out for. When the soldiers trained with smaller swords, they gradually transitioned to the katana. It has a long grip, great curves, and is generally heavier than all other types.

There are three general lengths of the blade and is measured in shaku which is about 35.4cm or 13.45 inches. The tanto is one shaku or less. The wakizashi is about 1 to 2 shaku. The katana is 2 shaku or more.

Decide which you want to go for

  • Product warranty

A product warranty is very important yet underrated. Any good product has a warranty because the sellers care about their customers. Sellers who don’t give warranties usually sell fake or low-quality products.

You also have to know how to differentiate between the main seller and a middleman. You’d have more confidence if you’re buying from the real seller. But if you’re not, ensure that the middleman is giving you a good deal.

  • Quality of the steel

Not all steels are the same. Just because two things are made of steel doesn’t mean they are of equal quality. One grade may be higher than the other.

It’s very important to choose high-grade steel because your sword will be protected from damages like wear and tear. You won’t enjoy your sword if it starts rusting immediately.

We have fine quality samurai swords that are made from premium quality steel. Do well to pick a sword today! You’d be glad you did.

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