The Pros of Using Smart Locks

by Charles S.
fingerprint lock

Whatslock is a type of fingerprint lock whereby individuals require their print for them to gain access to a room or house. Remember, fingerprint locks are a type of smart locks. They connect to Bluetooth or WIFI, and they allow you to have more home control, i.e., complete control of your unlocked door, and you can comfortably secure your home without the need for a key. They add function and style to homes and come in different sizes. In this write-up, we look at the benefits of using smart locks.

Benefits of Smart Locks

Technology is advancing fast, and many people are accepting the change. Other than the 4-digit pin, smartphones can now use patterns, numbers, and letters to guard data. Smart locks are becoming very popular in our surroundings due to various reasons such as;

  • Keyless Authentication Method

A smart lock turns your smartphone into a virtual key. You control your home easily with a simple touch of a button or display. It is very convenient; hence you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting keys. Smart door locks open and close automatically and can be activated via a smartphone or biometric reader.

  • High Safety and Security

It is difficult to fake a fingerprint. A biometric reader replaces the keyhole or a smartphone; hence it can only be operated by a specific person. It also has a tamper alarm sound that goes on in case of a breaking, vandalism, fire, or unauthorized access.

  • Battery Powered

Smart locks operate with batteries hence saving you the hassle on wiring or power shortage. It is easy to replace and operate. You are also alarmed about the battery level to avoid it from being low and to ensure the lock is working efficiently.

  • Securing Your Home/Business Remotely

You can monitor if your door is locked or unlocked, the exact time it was opened, what time an individual walked in, or out of your premise. You can lock or unlock your home or track your office working using an application even when you not around. It gives you peace of mind as you can check in whenever you want.

  • Can Work with a New or Existing System

In enhancing security, some smart locks can attach to pre-existing deadbolt systems, and others need a new system such that the smart lock can serve as the only deadbolt.   

  • Third-Party Authorization

Necessary people can be provided with the virtual key or pass to enter your premise. It allows up to twenty users, i.e., 20 pin codes, tags, or key cards.

  • Easy to Install

Many smart locks are designed to be installed by homeowners. You can follow the instructions that come with the lock, and it should be up and running in no time.

  • Smart Looking Too

People can not welcome automation into their environment if it is unattractive. Fortunately, smart locks are available in many styles and finishes, which in most cases complement the existing décor.


Smart locks will continue to play a massive role in smart home technology, and you should consider your specific needs before investing in one. And once you invest in one, you will not regret it.

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