The Importance of Using Twitter for Business

by Charles S.

Twitter is among the top most popular platforms in the world. Its community is diverse, and it’s perfect for businesses. Both the young, middle-aged, and the old are present, and you can easily choose your target market. You can reach a wider audience, connect with customers, and even partner with other businesses on the same platform. Having a high number of followers determines how your business will fair. However, buying followers for Twitter accounts has become common to appear credible and attract more followers. In this extract, we look at the benefits of using Twitter for business.

Benefits of Using Twitter for Business

1.Drive Traffic to Your Site and Website

Special offers attract customers. Come up with offers of what you are selling, either material stuff or events, and direct people to your website for more information. You can create a link that can get followed to access it and ask them to purchase something, sign up to get information, or leave a comment.

For example, if you are running a food business selling burgers, you can have a ‘buy one get one free ‘ offer on a particular day. Thus, anyone who tasted them before can spread your tweet or find your offer valuable and share it across the platform. Such is an excellent way to grow your business and attract more persons to your site, and lastly bringing in more exposure for your business.

You can find yourself reaching markets that seemed to be beyond your reach. The viral sharing elevates your account’s popular posts to the top feed, and many people get to view them.

2.Brand Identity

Twitter is an open and public space that you can communicate your personality and values as a brand. If people do not understand exactly what you stand for, the efforts to market yourself we be futile. Your ethos helps the business appeal to your target market and also to those who have similar qualities.

Ensure that you or your social media team respond to retweets and comments frequently to engage the audience. Come up with a bio since this is the first thing someone sees when they decide to follow your account. Include the benefits of your brand, contact information, and make it fun.

3.Freedom to Share

A Twitter user has more freedom to post compared to any other social media platform. You can share videos, pictures, links, etc. with your audience depending on the information you want to pass across and the engagement time you want from your followers. Videos consume more time, but some people relate to them more and understand the message better.

4.Gather Feedback

It is easy to know what people want and what they don’t want, depending on their feedbacks. Thus, it creates a safe space for them to interact and engage with them in a good way. But, take note of what they like, need improved, or changed completely. Get information about your competitors, their products and services, and how their followers react to them.


Twitter has done a good job of growing people’s businesses. It is a go-to space to communicate with customers, and it costs very little to promote products. Thus, if you’re running a certain business, Twitter can really help you put your business name out there.

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