The Perks of Having A Transparent LED Display

by Charles S.

LED displays have become a go-to avenue for businesses to spread what they offer to their patrons. It’s a quick way to leverage the passersby’s eyes and entice them with products and services that they might need to avail from your business.

If you don’t have one yet in your establishment, you might need to consider getting one. It will benefit not only you but also your customers as well. You can do so many things with an LED display and use your creativity to let it shine from the rest.

What is an Outdoor LED Display? Well, an outdoor LED display is a type of LED screen designed to withstand the harsh environment of the outdoor setting. It’s customized to endure weather conditions, moisture, and other harmful contaminants that might incur damages on your LED screen.

This is a great outlet to advertise your business in some locations where a greater audience can see. The more audience you attract, the more customers will flock to your business to experience your products and services.

What’s the Best Product for an Outdoor LED Display?

According to Dreamwaytech, opting to install a Transparent LED Screen is the perfect choice to set up your own Outdoor LED display.

Finding and choosing a location to display your LED can be challenging. You have to make sure that you’re allowed to display it in the said area and follow safety guidelines to avoid possible dangers. When it comes to a transparent LED screen, it can be easily approved because of its flexibility since it has state of the art functions compared to other outdoor LED screens.

Dreamway Tech’s transparent LED screens are the best providers in the market since they offer a huge variety of LED designs. They have different types of available screen designs ranging from up to 3.9mm to 15.6mm of highly functioning LED transparent screens.

The sizes they offer are better than other competitors since they’re lighter and compact, perfect for easy installation and regular maintenance. Its display screen can only weigh at 4 kg for each transparent LED screen. Rest assured that when installed, it doesn’t fall off that easily.

Their transparent LED screens also offer high-quality transparency ratings of over 70-90%. It’s eye-friendly to every passerby and doesn’t cause road mishaps to vehicle drivers. On top of that, the LED screen’s luminance has an equal brightness of only 5,000 units that doesn’t hurt the eyes. Perfect for displaying on the road without causing too much of a nuisance.

Key Takeaway

A big percentage of road accidents come from outdoor LED displays that distract motorists. This is why in some countries and big cities, they are lessening and implementing strict rules when it comes to allowing LED displays to be installed. As a responsible business owner, pick a design that doesn’t risk the motorists’ safety while also promoting your business in a very healthy manner.

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