Creating an Unboxing Experience for Customers

by Charles S.

The few weeks before Christmas are the busiest for most businesses, especially e-commerce businesses. If you run this sort of business, you can benefit from Christmas gift unboxing in several ways.

What is the big deal about brand Xmas unboxing anyways? In this post, we will discuss box packaging Christmas and how unboxing will help your business. If you are set, let’s get to the crux of this post.

Christmas as The Best Gift Unboxing Season

The Yuletide period can very well be referred to as the unboxing season. How so? Remember when you were a child and you had to visit the mall with your parents? 

With the Christmas decorations in every corner, you could literally taste the festivities with your tongue. As you walk into the store, you hear one of your favorite Christmas carols playing in the background. Oh, Christmas is here, you whisper under your breath.

Your parents pick out a toy you’d looked forward to owning all year long and pay at the cashier, wrapping it neatly. Now you have that toy wrapped in a box with the words “Merry Christmas” resounding in your ears.

How warm did that make you feel? Exactly, even though Christmas is about the coldest period of the year, Christmas gift unboxing brings the warmth. You can simply apply this brand Xmas unboxing to your business this Christmas.


Comparing the online and offline unboxing experience

Most businesses make the bulk of their yearly sales around Christmas which makes it the busiest period of the year. The more reason why box packaging Christmas is important. Customers are in search of gifts to share with loved ones.

You can take advantage of this to draw the benefits of packaging and unboxing.

Offline shopping

Usually, Christmas packaging comes as a complimentary service when customers walk into a physical store to make purchases at Christmas. Even if the service is not offered for free, the charge is usually very low.

What does the wrapping look like? Simple with regular packaging and a few ribbons and ornaments as embellishments. Over the years, it has become a norm for customers, howbeit, unconsciously.

How does this benefit your business?

You can marry design and functionality in your Christmas packaging if a retail store is your sales channel. Try using boxes that have no need for wrapping paper because of how outstanding they look on their own.

It is also possible to get creative with the construction of your boxes. There are several things you could do like add a magnetic flap, sliding bottoms, etc. The bottom line is ensuring that your box creates some sort of memory.

Online shopping

For a business involved in e-commerce, usually, you are only concerned about how safe your parcels are in transit. The norm is that once your products can get to the client without damage, you are good. Do you know you can take it up a notch with Christmas gift unboxing?

You shouldn’t neglect the use of brand Xmas unboxing just because you are running an online store. If you do that, you’d ruin Christmas for a lot of people. You definitely don’t want to go down in people’s memory as the store that messed up their Christmas.

Box packaging Christmas would help your clients shield their gifts from the recipient easily. It takes only a little effort to do this. As an online store, you can no longer shy away from unboxing at Christmas. A little investment in your boxes wouldn’t harm your business and if you aren’t sure, add a few differentiating details.

You may say that you are a small business, that’s not an excuse. So many small businesses are giving the giants a run for their money when it comes to Christmas gift unboxing. This is where your creativity comes to play.


What are the benefits of Chrsitmas gift unboxing to your brand?

This is one piece of information you should hold dear to your heart. At Christmas, most businesses make their highest sales of a fiscal year. If you are able to employ brand Xmas unboxing properly, your brand will reap huge benefits.

These benefits include:


Isn’t this what every business chases after, for their products to be unique? You should appeal to both the buyer and receiver of the gift with your products. What people see is a major influence of whether they will buy or not.

With box packaging Christmas, your products are going to stand out. This improves the chances of those products to get off the shelf faster than their competitors. The reason why shoppers lookout for special packaging include:

  • The desire to make good impressions on the receivers of the gift.
  • They wouldn’t need to buy wrapping paper or go through the stress of wrapping the gift.

Do you see why you have to be more intentional about unboxing? It gives you a huge advantage of uniqueness which could be the game-changer with sales.

Tells your story

Creativity is one of the best ways to outshine competitors, especially during Christmas. Choose your packaging style, bags or boxes, create amazing designs and control the quality. As you do, add a few unique elements such as free samples or inserts.

With your packaging, you tell buyers why they should pick your products over others on the shelf. With your packaging tell your customers how much you want them to have the quality embedded within.

Builds brand loyalty

With the right message through your box packaging Christmas, you are able to create bonds with customers through unboxing. These bonds build loyalty when you are able to solve your customers’ problems. 

Use your packaging and unboxing to communicate your intentions to satisfy your customers. Watch how your customers become more loyal to your brand because of this.

You could go viral

There are lots of videos on YouTube that show people what the unboxing experience looks like. You could also go viral if you can come up with a unique unboxing experience. The good thing is that you don’t have to create videos, satisfied customers would do that on your behalf.



Christmas gift unboxing is highly beneficial to your business if you can make the most of it. Help your customers to create amazing memories with your brand Xmas unboxing experience. You’d be shocked at the effects even after the Christmas season. If you have any demand for custom personalized boxes, welcome to inquire them at Zigpac.

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