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by Charles S.

Leisure is one of the most important aspects of human life. In this fast-moving world, everyone needs to relax and enjoy free time with family and friends just like you and everyone does. Do you like swimming or want to put up a swimming pool for your resident or commercial purpose? Reach the based in china and saving the entire world as far as swimming pool accessories are concerned.

The following are the services that aquagem offer to their members which make them stand out in the market and the same way they will serve you.

Customer care and customer experience.

You deserve the best customer service and with the aquagem services you’re guaranteed proper guidance and response to whatever queries you have. Get real-time feedback from the aquagem agents and you will always be sure of the step to take at every moment. To enjoy a family pool life and make the best out of customers investment every pool user deserves a cost-effective, good quality and reliable system. Aquagem believes that customer experience is the key. Aquagem is always devoted to ensuring it creates a better customer experience in a product like frequency converter, inverter pull pump, among other pool accessories.

Technical R and D

 Because Aquagem company revolves around customer experience, technical R and D is no exceptional Aquagem has been researching and developing a product that customer needs. this has helped to get better ideas in the frequency inverter, inverter pool pump and variable speed pump that is under development.

Quality control

 No one needs equipment that will run for a day or serve you for a short period and get back to the market. You need products that have been tested passed the quality tests and found viable for use. Aquagem products undergo quality inspection before delivery. The aquagem products are not subject to rust, hence will be durable, the electronic boards are going through insulation treatment, and the products go through electrical functional tests and a 60% ageing test.

Product warranty

When you are the original purchaser of the Aquagem products and they fail, you are guaranteed of product warrant. Limited warranty statement conforms to the manufacturer specifications and will be from defects workmanship and materials for two years from the date of original installation.

You will be required to provide proof such as date of original purchase, installation bill, and service bill, images of installation and defect and serial number etc. to get the warranting service.

Aqua gem covers these brands in their warranty: XFlow; PFlow; Gemflow VS; iSAVER+

Spare parts policy

Unless you’re offered a special promotion or discounts, Aquagem offers for each full container order 1% of Free-of-Charge spare parts.

 Under warranty terms, in case of parts shortage for manufacturer defect service, Aquagem shall provide FOC parts.

The original purchaser is responsible for shipping costs.

Spare parts (or product) exchanges are only available for parts (or products) that you received in a manufacturer-related defective or damaged condition or when a different part (or product) than what you ordered was incorrectly sent to you.

 Shipping and handling are non-refundable on parts ( or products) exchanges unless you received a damaged product or the wrong product was sent to you, in which case we will also pay the return shipping cost.

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