Top Benefits Of Using Vimeo Livestream Studio

by Charles S.

If you love creating and watching content, then chances are you have come across more than one streaming platform. One of these platforms is the Vimeo Livestream studio. Vimeo is a streaming platform like YouTube but with slightly different features. Some people say it is for the more professional crowd who are into complex graphics and what have you. If you have never thought about using Vimeo, here are some of the perks of using Vimeo Livestream studio.

1. It has better graphics

Compared to other streaming platforms, Vimeo has better graphics. It makes the perfect combination for any professional who wants to practice their tool of trade without an issue. You can create great videos that look professionally done and have people who understand what goes into it commenting on your work. The entire thing can be an eye-opener since you get to learn from like-minded people and not just people on the platform for fun.

2. It is ad-free

One thing that attracts more people to Vimeo pro is their ad-free streaming. No one wants to create a video meant for professional purposes and have it full of ads. By signing up for the pro features, you get to cancel out the ads and concentrate more on the content being viewed.

3. Ability to create private videos

If you want to create videos for a specific group of people, Vimeo can let you make the content private. That way, only you get to control who can gain access to the content. It comes in handy, especially if you create content for pitching purposes and do not want unauthorized people to view it.

4. It makes it easy to create social media posts

In this era of copyright laws, creatives have had a hard time when it comes to content creation. Not knowing what videos, music, or pictures are stock-free can be frustrating, especially for a new content creator. For this reason, it makes sense to get a platform that will allow you access to stock-free footage. You can use these for your social media posts without worrying about your videos being pulled down.

5. Better quality uploads

One thing that makes so many people happy to use Vimeo is that you can upload good-quality videos without any issue. There is no distortion of the quality of the videos you choose to put up finally. For instance, if you shot in 4k, then you can upload that quality on the site. It allows people to view the videos in high resolution, which will make them appreciate them even more. Most sites might ask you to create poor-quality videos for them, which can be disheartening.

Last thoughts

Creating quality videos should not be as hard as many people make it look. With Vimeo studio, you get to avoid that. You can come up with great videos that speak to h people and show them what you are all about. Vimeo has a variety of creation and editing tools that you should try and use how that works for you.

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