How Good is Huawei’s Smartphone Ecosystem?

by Charles S.

The first phone to run on HMS is Y7P. You should note that there are only three main smartphone ecosystems that are used globally, and these include HMS, GMS, and iOS. Before HMS, Huawei used Android, but recently it was blocked from trading with US businesses. As a result, Huawei cannot keep on using Android on its devices. As a result, it has now created its own smartphone ecosystem. These are some of the things you should know about the HMS ecosystem.

It is Run-Off Android

If you are an android lover, you can be assured that the operating system you will use on the Huawei smartphones is still Android. You may be surprised to learn that Huawei has made significant contributions to the development and improvement of the Android operating system. In fact, Huawei is not only in the hardware business, but user experience and efficacy are central to its products.

You should note that Huawei has optimized most of Android’s features. These include performance optimization by using machine learning and artificial intelligence. This greatly compresses storage capacity and improves performance. For instance, it contributed to the Vulkan Graphics API that offers high-performance and high-quality 3D graphics for use in apps.

Since Android is open source, the enhancements that Huawei contributed to their development are freely available to the tech community to contribute and make them better. According to Huawei, it is still committed to improving Android OS and hopes that its future smartphones can run off Android.

It has EMUI

If you love Huawei phones, you should be happy that its upcoming smartphones will still use EMUI as the user interface. Therefore, the new smartphones will look familiar. The good thing about EMUI is that users can enjoy a seamless and intuitive experience from their devices by enhancing their performance. Its newer smartphones will feature recent versions of EMUI that provide an immersive experience and system speed enhancements.

Safe Access to Apps

Apps are important in everyday life. In fact, you cannot imagine living without them. The Huawei App Gallery is the official app store, and users can get access to their popular apps, even local ones. Users have different ways of getting their favorite apps in different ways. For instance, you can copy your apps and data from an old phone to the new one. Also, you can download various apps from the App Gallery. Another option is to use web links and quick apps. The good thing about these types of apps is that they consume little data and space. In fact, users get to add their favorite apps to the mobile landing page for convenient and speedy access.

The Huawei App Gallery has a four-layer detection mechanism that provides adequate app security, plus room for user feedback and post-release inspection. Ideally, four-layer detection offers privacy checks, vulnerability scanning, real-time security checks, and malicious behavior detection. Thus, you can be assured that your apps are always secure at any given time. Developers can access services such as Camera Kit SDK, themes, and more. Although the Huawei ecosystem is yet to be rolled in all countries, it is a matter of time before it becomes a powerhouse.

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