Top Traits of a Great Fulfillment Company

by Charles S.

If you want a third-party logistics company to grow and manage your supply chain, you might not be sure what to look for in a fulfillment company. There are certain qualities you ought to consider, whether you are running a large or small business. The following are the important traits that make a China fulfillment center successful.

Real-time Tracking

Once you partner with a fulfillment company, you can easily monitor deliveries quite quickly. In this case, you get to see where your inventory is going to the warehouse or to the customer. The good thing about real-time tracking is that you can monitor the progress of the orders and ensure everything is going to plan. Moreover, it provides information to the customers to improve reputation and service.


Since you are partnering with a fulfillment provider, you get to tap into their scalability and network. As a result, you will not waste your human resources, money, or time managing supply chain operations. This is important since logistics and warehousing procedures slow down business and discourage entrepreneurs. A fulfillment center allows you to grow without worrying about supply chain operations. As you focus on sales and getting new customers, the fulfillment company does the rest.

Affordable Value-added Services

When you work with a fulfillment company, you get to benefit from their affordable and free value-added services. For instance, you can benefit from their quality control, fast turnaround times, modern technology, and packaging solutions. Such additional features are useful if you are planning to change your priorities. Moreover, your shipping requirements can change in the future.

Customer Service

There is a need to offer better customer service if you want to earn the trust of the customer. You want to guarantee your customers that if they buy from you; the goods will be delivered as soon as possible. Thus, by partnering with a fulfillment company, you get to benefit from their reliable customer support teams. As a result, you are assured of concise and quick communication you need to establish your business as a reliable and trustworthy eCommerce retailer.


The right order fulfillment business must be transparent and honest about its charges and associated fees. Ideally, the company should provide you with a cost breakdown. Moreover, the right fulfillment center will be honest and prompt when communicating with you. This means you can have peace of mind knowing everything is running smoothly.

Error Resolution

The truth is that you are likely to deal with complications and errors in logistics. That explains why you need to work with a fulfillment center. The company will resolve errors related to shipping. Since you are working together, they react quickly to ensure things work well for you.

Happy Customers

If you have unhappy customers, your business is likely to struggle. The best way you can have happy customers is to fulfill your promises. For instance, you must avail all the goods as stated to the customer. If you promise same-day delivery, you must fulfill it. Hiring the right fulfillment company ensures you meet the expectations of customers.

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