What Power Washing Hose is best?

by Charles S.

Using a top-quality power washing hose does wonder in making certain jobs easier. However, this is not all that is required. Getting the right power washing hose reel is also an important part of using the hose reels. The joy of the ease a hose reel brings to certain chores is difficult to qualify. However, that could quickly change to annoyance and irritation if the wrong hose is chosen. So what exactly makes a power washing hose wrong? https://giraffetools.com/products/giraffe-pressure-washer-hose-reel contains more details.

What are some of the vital features of a hose to consider when purchasing it? This article will be focusing on outlining the major features. There could be numerous features that need to be taken into consideration. This is so especially for hoses that are used for customized or specific purposes. But for general hoses and for water pumping, this article will outline key features to consider.

Key Features to Consider when Choosing an Idea Power Washing Hose

1. Length of the Hose

The very first feature to consider when choosing a hose is of course the length of the hose. The length of the power washer’ hose is of prime importance for numerous reasons. The length however is mostly chosen based on certain considerations.

The first determining factor for the length of the hose is the types of pressure washers in use. The electric power washing hose reels mostly need to be plugged in. At times, this would involve keeping them close to the house as a person works. If the area to be worked on is large, a hose of considerable length would be a better fit. While for smaller areas, the hose does not be excessively lengthy.

Another factor affecting length is the means of the power of the machine. If it requires electricity to function, a longer hose is also required. While for the more manual machines, the length of the hose is also of not much importance. An example is gas-powered washing equipment. For these types of washers, the length of the hose depends largely on the user. We gave the 30 and 40 feet hoses.

2. Materials Used

Another factor to consider is the material used in the production of the hose. The most recent material used is the high-quality polypropylene casing material. This is used by all hoses produced by Giraffe Tools. Other materials used include rubber and PVC plastics.

However, PVC plastics are not flexible enough to be rolled up after use. While they are more flexible, they are also considerably heavy. These disadvantages have been bypassed in the electric power washing hoses available on the site above. It is not that heavy and is flexible enough to be folded.

3. Diameter of Hose

The diameter of the hose is another essential factor to be considered. For power washing hoses, the lower the diameter the higher propulsion provided and hence, power. So choosing the ideal hose is also essential.


At Giraffe Tools we have all sorts of top-quality power washing hoses our customers could require. Our hose reels are also one of the best the market has to offer at the moment. So when a decision has been reached, do not hesitate to contact us.

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