What is Found Inside a Data Rack?

by Charles S.

A server rack is an important item in any given data center. It is available in different models and designs. For instance, you can find a 4-post rack or 2-post rack, or open-frame rack or an enclosed cabinet. No matter the type of rack you choose, you can tell whether it will store various equipment to keep the business working properly. Your Data Cabinet Manufacturer can create provisions for some of the things. There is a need to understand what goes inside a server rack and how it can benefit your organization.

Computer Servers

Ideally, this is the most common item you will find inside a server rack. As you know, servers play an important role in any given network. That is because they run different applications, perform important functions, and store data for your organization. The following are some reasons you should put your servers inside a server rack:


You should note that a server is high-end hardware that is quite expensive. Having it in a server rack helps to reduce the risk of a person tampering with or stealing them.

Easy Troubleshooting

When your servers are located in a single place, you can easily troubleshoot them. The server racks allow for access to both the back and front of the equipment.


The truth is that servers generate heat, but they must run at optimal temperatures. Fortunately, a server rack helps optimize airflow that expels warm air from inside the server.

Patch Panels

Patch panels are widely used in communication environments. They have multiple jacks that can easily connect the cables and then route them. It is easier to identify a patch panel with multiple telephone lines. The patch panels connect the fiber cables, cat-5 cables, and other types. Usually, the patch panel is housed in a two-post rack or open-frame that offers easy access.

Routers and Switches

You should note that routers and switches are common in data centers. You can find several models and makes of this equipment and are available in different sizes and shapes.

With the switch, the data can enter one source, and then it is directed to another device. In fact, switches have various pieces of equipment that are plugged into it. Also, they can be configured to ensure all devices can communicate easily.

On the other hand, a router connects multiple networks. It can also connect to a switch to aid communication between different devices in a wide-area network. A router uses a smart configuration to pass traffic efficiently.

Setting up switches and routers in a server rack ensures your equipment is safe at all times. Moreover, since the devices are important for your network, you need to place them in a good location.

Supporting Equipment

Ideally, server racks will have additional items that can be used to accomplish different tasks. Although not all server racks can have these items, most of them will:

· Blanking panels – made of either metal or plastic, they fill spots that are not in use.

· Rails – these are attached to sides of a server, so it does not move up and down.

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